Our Story

The Systems Group Inc., has become a premier provider of single-use medical spa disposable apparel, bedding and accessories. The Systems Group Inc., founded by John Flannery in 1987, has pioneered the use of the most advanced non-woven technology in custom designed and patented products. The technology that replaced woven cotton in the operating room has been adopted by the Spa Intimates design team to meet the growing needs of today's spa clients. From the soft and comfortable spun-lace products made from rayon fibers entangled with water, we produce a variety of products that offer ultra-purity and safety in any skin contact situation. That pure condition is preserved from our factory to you by our individual sealed wrapper, which also serves as a disposal bag, providing a hygienic environment in your spa.

Another advanced non-woven material is SBPP or spun-bond polypropylene. This material, made on some of the most modern non-woven machines, consists of very fine fibers that are very soft and yet are very strong while also producing high opacity critical for modesty garments. These first quality fabrics are made with virgin polymer which insures that the products we make are clean and free of any contamination that could harm the user.

The team that creates our products is made-up of highly trained apparel designers working closely with non-woven engineers, with many years of experience, to achieve the right balance of comfort and performance and delivering this at the lowest possible cost.  We currently hold four patents with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

The technologies we employ in our products are constantly evolving, delivering the most current technical properties of these non-woven fabrics that were not possible 5 or 10 years ago. We regularly audit what the non-woven producers are offering and evaluate whether there might be better materials for us to use in our products. This interactive product review, insures that you always get the best performing item that can be produced and at the lowest cost.

The line of products that we offer includes a variety of single use medical and spa apparel, towels, bedding and accessories.

Spa Intimates® is a member of the ISPA.